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Your new collectible virtual pet in the Cardano Blockchain

Hi! I'm a cardagotchi


Cardagotchi is a unique collection of 10,000 NFTs inscripted in the Cardano blockchain. Through Cardagotchi universe you’ll be able to see all sorts of lovely characters, from executive cats living in fantasy landscapes to ex-convict bulls with punk hair enjoying a walk on the beach.

These wonderful creatures are meant to be the fuel for Cardano Valley Gallery to grow and make it possible to start their mission.


  • 1\ Batch 1 - 1000

    12 ₳

  • 2\ Batch 1000 - 2000

    22 ₳

  • 3\ Batch 2000 - 3000

    32 ₳

  • 4\ Batch 3000 - 4000

    42 ₳

  • 5\ Batch 4000 - 5000

    52 ₳

  • 6\ Batch 5000 - 6000

    62 ₳

  • 7\ Batch 6000 - 7000

    72 ₳

  • 8\ Batch 7000 - 8000

    82 ₳

  • 9\ Batch 8000 - 9000

    92 ₳

  • 10\ Batch 9000 - 10000

    102 ₳

Rarity Table

Case shape
Case color
Button set
Pet race
Pet color
Hair style
Facial features

Pre-sale Process

Click on "Purchase Now"
Check the button above. It will check our server and show you the wallet we're currently using and the price.
Destination wallet
Check price and wallet displayed. Do the transaction from your Yoroi or Daedalus wallet.
To purchase again remember to click again on "Purchase now" to be sure that the wallet displayed is the correct for that batch of NFTs.
Every Wednesday everybody will have the NFTs on their wallet.
If you couldn’t get into the winners but you did your transaction don’t worry, we will return your $ADA on Mondays.
:) Just wait to see the next Cardano Valley project.

Please remember

Allowed Wallets

Only Daedalus and Yoroi are accepted since Cardano NFTs only can transaction with these wallets. DO NOT use another wallet or Exchange. We won’t be able to refund your $ADA if you did not get your Cardagotchi for using the wrong wallet

NFTs and Refunds

Please be patient. We’ll be sending the NFTs every Wednesday.


Any question please DM us on twitter or e-mail us to

About cardano valley

Have you ever had the feeling of discovering a genius artist that deserves more attention?

By living in a developing country we see that quite often: Plenty of artist that have been producing great work for years, but their message can't be spread enough (not too fair, right?). Here’s the thing, we really believe NFTs are an incredible tool to fix that.

What we dream about is to work with them, help them curate their work and show their creations to the Cardano Community, so we all together can enjoy their awesome art and help them grow, as we all grow too.